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Our Mission & Values

From its humble beginning in 1997 in Sharjah (UAE),Al Jabri Plastic Factory – a subsidiary of the illustrious Al Jabri Group - has impressively evolved overtime and earned a recognition in GCC as one of the leading manufacturers of quality plastic packaging products, catering to a wide variety of both flexible & rigid applications. The company is now headquartered in Dubai and being run from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dubai Investment Park (DIP).

Guided by a technology & customer driven approach, Al Jabri Plastic Factory works with top business leaders across industries such as Retail, FMCG, Dairy & Beverages, Apparels, Electronics Fabrication, and many more with a view to aid customer operations and service standards. Al Jabri Plastic connects with clients to solve even their most complex packaging needs. The solution ranges from specific to innovative, catering to both core and broad requirements of its valued clientele.

Being at the forefront of flexible plastic packaging since 1997 and having long established itself as a formidable converter of low density and high density polyethylene materials into flexible packaging products such as retail, shopping & industrial bags, labels, films, shrinks etc, Al Jabri Plastic Factory has now diversified its manufacturing operation to cover the thermoforming segment as well. The new expansion has added conversions of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate etc. into finished products such as a wide range of disposable catering cups, bowls, trays as well as dairy & beverage packaging cups.

Working tirelessly for years, Al Jabri Plastic Factory has undergone a complete make-over in 2015 in the form of a multi-million Dollar Technology-oriented manufacturing base in Dubai. This modern facility houses manufacturing divisions for both flexible as well as rigid plastic packaging (Thermoforming).

Al Jabri Plastic Factory has an unwavering commitment to Customer-First approach. Through a combination of modern production system, quality consciousness, workforce dedication & supreme resources, Al Jabri Plastic Factory has occupied leadership position and is continuously marching towards unending excellence. As a matter of fact, Al Jabri Plastic Factory’s core philosophy always revolves around customers who inspire and spur it to exceed their satisfaction level. Consequently, this approach has enabled Al Jabri to develop an esteemed clientele base beyond the shores of the UAE & GCC and into such vast markets as Africa, Europe, Russia and Asian continents.

Al Jabri Plastic Factory is committed to the best practices of commercial management and ethical requirements. The commitment stems from the strong values that Al Jabri Plastic Factory pursues in its daily work routine, for such practices make the difference between merely successful & truly great organizations. Al Jabri Plastics has chosen to be the latter.

Our Mission

Undergo Progressive & Sustainable Growth in International Markets.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a regional player and leader in food packaging industry.

Our Value

Focusing on the Quality and Value of our products and services.

Message From The Chairman

Salem Saeed Al Jabri

When we pause and reflect on the pace of our modern world, we noticed that Plastics play one of the most important and defining role in the daily life of its citizens. Interestingly, it is not just the daily life that plastic touches, the advancement in plastic has assumed such enormous significance in creating innovative systems & solutions all over the world that is practically impossible to visualize an advanced world without plastics.

We, at Al Jabri Plastic Factory, also humbly contribute in making life easier for all our valued customers who look upon us for their packaging solutions. We are committed to lead and leave bench-marks in the packaging industry by constantly evolving and improving ourselves. This is what we promised and striving for. However, we are also aware that plastic processing has an important side which is connected to the environment. Realizing and acknowledging the moral responsibility arising out of the consequent adversity to climate, Al Jabri Plastic Factory has conscientiously adopted a holistic approach to business backed by strong business value & ethics. I am sure our approach will go a long the way in promoting sustainability and setting adverse environmental effects.

In the end, I extend my good wishes to everyone and request all to keep us engaged in meaningful interactions which will lead to ever improving plastic packaging services from Al Jabri Plastic Factory.

Thank you and warm regards,

Salem Saeed Al Jabri


Ahmed Salem Saeed Al Jabri

At Al Jabri Plastic, a commitment to quality is firmly embedded in our culture and therefore it forms the biggest part of our relationship with customers. We believe that adhering to best quality practices is the only way to distinguish ourselves in the industry. By quality, we do not just mean the finished goods, our quality approach runs through the entire organisation, it's both human & non-human elements. We always strive to give our customers what they expect, when they expect it – every time.

At Al Jabri Plastic, managing quality, therefore, assumes highest importance as it helps to maintain customer satisfaction, creates strong loyalty and reduce the undesirable risks and costs. Quality consistency is the hallmark of successful organisations and at Al Jabri Plastic, we view it as the most critical element, our decision making process whether appointing individuals, selecting machines, choosing materials or applying the best customer service practices.

In today’s social media-driven time, quality influences a company’s reputation in no time. The growing importance of social media means that customers can easily share both good & bad experiences with a company’s products & people on popular forums. Therefore, a strong reputation for quality can be an important differentiator in the highly competitive market.

Al Jabri Plastics is a dynamic organisation whose single biggest purpose is to serve its customers with the best possible combinations of Man, Material & Machine. We are indebted to the Leadership of our beloved nation for providing us a great platform to express and excel ourselves in the packaging field. With great support & encouragement of our benign leaders, we feel highly motivated to serve the people of our nation in our humble ways.

Let’s come together, work together and create happiness.

Thank you and warm regards,

Ahmed Salem Saeed Al Jabri


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